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My name is Ginnah Temple. My passion is teaching music to children and adults of all levels. My musical expertise includes the piano, flute and arranging and composition. My piano training is in both classical and jazz. I have studied music in England, Scotland and the United States and am a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts (with a major in flute, arrangement, music composition and theory) as well as the Jean-Pierre Rampaul Master Class.

I have been teaching music for over 25 years and continue to love every minute. I share my home and love with my dog and my cat.

Our Services

  • Individual & Family Lessons
  • Composition and Arranging
  • Competition Preparation and Coaching
  • Home School Music Lessons
  • Lessons for Flute, Clarinet & Saxophone

Policies and Fees

These policies have been created to provide the most consistent level of instruction for both student and instructor. The intent is to maximize teaching time and accommodate all parties. 

Policies updated 2020


Please contact for monthly fees and family discounts.
Lesson fees are due the 1st of each month and cannot be prorated.
A payment received after the 5th will be considered late and a $25 late fee will be added.

Multiple late payments may result in the termination of lessons.

The cost of instructional materials must be reimbursed as they are incurred.


Weekly time slots will be reserved until a change is requested in writing. Any breaks in reserved lesson times may result in the loss of that time slot.

Lessons will not be available on the following dates during the 2020 - 2021 school year and will not be made up:

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, this section will be updated after it passes.

Rescheduling Policy
Two rescheduled or make-up lessons will be permitted during each school year (September 1 to June 30) provided notification has been given via phone or email at least 24 hours prior to a lesson.
A rescheduled or make-up lesson must be completed within 30 days of the original appointment.
Failure to provide 24 hours notice or not being available during a scheduled lesson, will result in a full lesson charge without the option for a make-up lesson. For multiple lessons in the same household, 24 hours notice will still be required if the full time of the lesson will not be utilized.

Sickness Policy
In the event of sickness, please contact me as soon as possible, via phone or email. If I arrive for the lesson and proper notice has not been provided, I reserve the right to cancel the lesson and no makeup or refund will be given.

Termination Notification
A 30 day notice is required prior to taking a break or terminating lessons, as fees are not prorated, 30 day notice should be given at the beginning of the month. To give notice, send an email to ginnah@templepiano.com. Teacher has the right to terminate lessons without notice.


  • Ms. Temple, an exceptional piano teacher, has been providing quality lessons in our home for our daughter for the past 2 years. She is consistently able to 'meet my daughter where she is' on any given week and motivate her to do her best. My daughter’s aptitude for playing the piano has grown tremendously and this is due greatly to Ms. Temple’s com...


  • We highly recommend Ms. Temple as a piano instructor.  She teaches our sons, ages 6 (beginner) and 8 (intermediate).  Both kids are enthusiastic, look forward to their weekly lessons and enjoy practice. Ms. Temple is great with the boys - patient, kind and excellent at communicating in line with their age and ability.  Also, she is organized and co...

    John and Jolie


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